April 26th and 27th we invite you to participate in the Kickoff Virtual Summit of the Africa Education Revolution.

The long-term vision of The Third Education Revolution (TER) is to reconfirm the Bible as the soul of Africa by applying Biblical principles to every sphere of society. A renewed Africa built upon the solid rock of God’s word and revelational knowledge will be able to withstand the avalanche of Postmodernism, Secularism, Islamism, Communism and other destructive ideologies coming from America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. To this effect TER is organizing a virtual summit for International and African Christian Scholars from April 26-27, 2021 to be hosted by the Institute for National Transformation International Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria; Revelation Movement (USA), Truth and Transformation (Germany), Veritas Education Africa (Kenya).


The Bible created the modern world, including modern Africa. Secular education has suppressed that truth but failed to provide transforming intellectual and moral foundations to build and bring healing to our nations. Therefore, it has become necessary for Christian scholars to come together to reestablish God’s word as the light of Africa.

The international network of Christian scholars is needed to
• Strengthen the faith and witness of Christian educators at all levels
• Create a new education ecosystem that reintegrates truth and character through the church into the communities
• Create sustainable online curricula, textbooks, books, podcasts, videos and documentaries
• Create and/or translate a new online encyclopedia and dictionary
• Equip the church to take education back from the state and make it the means for discipling nations


1. Enhanced understanding of building up human capacity needs of Africa in Christian characters in community leaders and supervisors, necessary to tackle corruption and handle transparency in order to bring about successful communities.
2. Enhanced appreciation of the nature of religious, social, economic, technical, industrial, academic and political institutions and related Bible-based curricula that must be developed to achieve Africa Education Revolution outcomes.
3. Networking Subject Matter Experts and Multidisciplinary Technical Teams in Africa and in the Diaspora to cogitate robust, biblical, practical and contextualized solutions to African challenges, making local communities able to manage their own resources effectively.
4. Emergence of The Third Education Revolution frameworks for the maximization of Africa’s strategic opportunities and for collaborative partnerships among organizations, businesses and government agencies.

Out of the summit will come a group to research the Bible’s role in the history and future of Africa from which one or more books and documentaries could be produced. The network will grow to undergird the Third Education Revolution in Africa. All those who register for the 2021 Scholars’ Virtual Summit will receive a complimentary e-copy of the book, The Third Education Revolution.

· Christian Scholars of African origin and international Christians who are interested in initiating Bible-centered revitalization of all spheres of the society in Africa.
· Christians in the marketplace, especially in science, technology, law, business and the governance sector, who desire to understand how to build sustainable and incorruptible systems in all spheres of the society towards a godly society.
· Future leaders who are interested in participating in discussions of how to lay a great future for Africa based on Bible principles.
· Those who might be interested in working with the movement in one capacity or another.

COST. The conference registration is free but you must register to attend.

To sign up and for more information go to: Institute for National Transformation