Vision And Mission

Where we are today 

Many Christian churches and organizations have lost their role and influence on society. The relevance of the Bible for education and character building in the public realm is dwindling. Primarily secular narratives are now shaping the educational system which today holds a worldview, that excludes God.  

The Vision 

For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.  

Habakkuk 2,14 

The Mission 

Restoring Society through innovative educational and other projects which are founded on a bible-based worldview. 


We are a German registered charity since July 2020, called Truth and Transformation e.V. Our connection to Revelation Movement and its founder Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi as well as many other organizations globally is part of our identity. Andreas Wieland, the president of Truth and Transformation is also a board member of V. Mangalwadi’s US Organization and the international leadership team.

This website is fairly new and in the process of growing over the next weeks and months. We will continually add material, links, videos and provide you with helpful resources.

FAQ re. Truth and Transformation in German

If you find the purpose of our Organization important, please pray for us. If you can, we would love to get in contact with you and tell you more about the work that is developing. Order our newsletter to get regular information (currently in German, soon in English as well. Maybe you want to help us practically? Let us know, we can use any help! To donate please go here for the relevant information. We do not receive any official state or government funding but rely solely on generous donations of individuals and churches that want to connect with us.



Could the next person joining us be you? Want to help? Reach out to us, let's talk. 

Andreas Wieland

Andreas Wieland

Theologian and Business Psychologist

Hans-Joachim Hahn

Hans-Joachim Hahn

Founder and leader of Professorenforum, Hans-Joachim Hahn is also Vice-President of Truth and Transformation. He teaches Business Ethics and other topics at several Schools and Higher Education Institutions.

Cinzia Wieland

Cinzia Wieland

Finances and Organization.

How It Began

Around 2015 Hans-Joachim Hahn, the founder and leader of Professorenforum Germany was introduced to a book by an Indian author, Vishal Mangalwadi. He started reading and was fascinated. Hans-Joachim took an initiative to invite Vishal to come to Germany, which Vishal and Ruth accepted in 2016/17. Hans-Joachim became the organizer and translator of Vishal Mangalwadi’s lectures in the German-speaking part of Europe. Soon Vishal’s books were so demanded that Fontis Publishing agreed to translate and sell one book, then another one, then a third one … “Das Buch der Mitte” – “The book that made your world” became a bestseller on the German Christian book market. In 2017 Andreas Wieland was introduced to Vishal by an shared Indian Friend. Andreas soon also caught fire and started developing strategical thinking and prayer retreats of a group of friends. This developed over time into the organization which owns this website, “Truth and Transformation”, a German Charity, aiming at the reformation of societies and nations through an education that is based on a biblical worldview. 

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