The International Transformation Research Center (ITRC) is a fellowship between different universities/colleges/schools or companies doing research within a country or between universities/colleges/schools or companies doing research. It is a fellowship of research environments that has signed agreements with each other in order to perform research, education, innovations and developments from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 or Solutions readiness level (SRL) 3 to TRL 7 or SRL 7. This fellowship is inspired and based on the Biblical worldview, with heavenly inspiration from God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ with an academic culture of freedom and the search for truth. This ITRC will be connected to, be advisors for and work through the Truth and Transformation International and the International Forum of Professors and Scholars (IFPS).

The ITRC understands itself as an interdenominational center very connected to the evangelical Christian church. The contributing professors, scientists and scholars working in the ITRC profess the Apostolic Creed, follow the Biblical Doctrines given in the Systematic Summary by President John McArthur (Masters University and Research Professor Richard Mayhue and follow the reformation 2.0 by Professor Frank Karlsen. The living relationship and commitment to the blood and Sonship of Jesus Christ is the basis of their life and work. This Christocentric orientation is a characteristic of the ITRC. Historically, it is represented in the scepter of Germany’s oldest university, Heidelberg, Oxford University in UK (The Lord is my Light), University of Paris and Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts (For Christ and Church), Uganda Christian University (Logo on left side) and all other universities worldwide started by the Christian church and community.


Goals of the ITRC:

  1. The Main purpose is to make the true Christian church take back the responsibility for education, research, motivation, developments and innovation under the name of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. This include bringing the whole Bible back to the society, the politics, and the academy.
  2. The Main purpose for the center is to activate the members in IFPS and the TaT international in order to make success in all involved companies, solutions, technologies, societies, organizations, nations, natural and human resources under the ICH. 
  3. Freedom of opinion, fair discussion culture at eye level, open and public (scientific) discourse on ideological issues must work within the center.
  4. The gospel is recognized as a positive, liberating force for commercial, industrial, social and personal change.
  5. The ITRC strategically bundles forces and mediates possibilities for shaping public opinion, political consultation or media information (networking), without having to be the center of attention itself.
  6. The International professor and scholars’ forum should work through the International Transformation Research Center (ITRC) to promote and support none-profit or profit projects organized by the Truth and Transformation International and Truth and Transformation Business hub.
  7. All the professors, scientists and scholars stay in the home work but contribute in the ITRC.
  8. Secure that several scientific Christian organizations worldwide already supporting the Biblical worldview collaborate with the IFPS and ITRC.